Alex, Andrew, Grant and Nic met for the first time at PennApps XX. All had a passion for saving the environment. One common observation was the lack of proper trash separation in the bins provided for that purpose across US University campuses. We decided to resolve this through technology.

What it does

The Bin Boys make recycling easy! You don't need to figure out what type of recyclable product it is, you don't even need to figure out whether it's recyclable! Just drop your trash in it, and it'll do the rest! Using advanced image processing, bar code scanning and other object recognition technologies, The Bin Boys will analyze and identify your trash and place it in the right bin compartment.

How we built it

Computer vision built over SageMaker, laser-cutting, some wires, a bit of superglue and a lot of tape!

Challenges I ran into

We needed a Home Depot to build a nice sturdy version of The Bin Boys - instead we had superglue and tape.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From 0 to 100% in one week-end, including the concept, coding, training, hardware and potential future improvements.

What I learned

Sorting out your trash is easy - but it's even easier if you don't have to do it!

What's next for The Bin Boys

Discussions with potential future customers (university campuses, airports, companies, city councils, etc.) and building prototype 2.0. The Bin Boys 2.0 would include logo detection, incorporate bar-codes, and expand the database. We would then present this to future customers and develop a pipeline.

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