A series of mainly web based technical challenges that will require you to open up your developer tools to advance from level to level. Designed to teach the user about web technologies plus other technical things that we had the opportunity to make interesting challenges for.

Each level is assigned a unique string identifier (eg. ba92ee00af3c4d0760c7e709c06bc70a23936fed). You access the level by starting the python/flask server, then navigating to http://server_address:5000/. (eg. http://localhost:5000/ba92ee00af3c4d0760c7e709c06bc70a23936fed). The clue provided in each level will lead you to the id for the next level, allowing you to progress through the game.

We've currently implemented 10 levels, and the python/flask program that serves them is structured in a modular fashion so that new levels can be added easily, simply drop in a new python source file containing a definition of the level and you're good to go.

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