Mixed reality brings the ability to tell stories across a scale that was previously available only in our imaginations. However, storytellers eager to embrace workflows and mediums of the future face a number of hurdles in their journey from idea to reality.

We hacked together a platform and workflow for artists, event producers and anyone interested in using XR to create new and memorable experiences that help users translate small lessons into ideas that can change the world.

What it does

The project highlights some tools and workflows that can be combined to build an interactive MR experience. We built a demo on top of the platform that illustrates our relationship to energy use and waste in a way that highlights the scale of the problem and our role in tackling it.

How we built it

After ideation, VR artist Sean Rodrigo used Tvori to create scenes and characters that are incorporated into a Mixed Reality world using a Magic Leap headset. The headset interfaces with real world objects in the exhibition via a serverless API built with AWS Lambda and API Gateway. The real world can interface with the application via sensors connected to a Particle Photon or Rasbperry Pi.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the artist workflow into Unity gave us some difficulties because the animations were not exporting correctly, but we were able to debug this by breaking down the export process and trying different tools along the way. It was also difficult to build both the platform and the demo at the same time!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Location-based mixed-reality! Replicable and scalable! Open source for the people! Empowering artists and creatives!

What we learned

What's next for The Big Picture

The Big Picture is addressing the trend of temporary/pop up installations as a new form of creative expression for brands and artists. Current pop-up installation experiences such as Meow Wolf, The Museum of Ice Cream, and Happy Place show that there is public support for this form of art.

As a platform, Big Picture offers the opportunity to create a blended physical and digital experience by merging analog interactions, smart sensors, and Magic Leap technology. As a pop-up location-based experience, Big Picture could be implemented essentially anywhere, and could collaborate with artists, brands, or institutions to offer novel experiences. Because of this, Big Picture is a scalable mixed reality experience not dependent on users owning a device themselves, but only on them visiting a location and purchasing a ticket. We would push for a presence on social media, thus helping create an interest in the consumer market.

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