Only around 24% of young adults are financially stable by the age of 22. This number results from the fact that many young adults often have trouble managing their money, with textbooks, food, rent, and other necessities, especially when in college or university. This is a huge problem because our generation will need these skills for the future. Our goal is to help young adults save as much money as possible, while aiding them in balancing their work and personal lives.

What it does

The website prototype we have made utilizes a survey at the start to collect information about the user. Questions it asks include “What’s your monthly income?” and “What’s your ideal monthly budget?” Every time the user makes a transaction, they can log it into the website and the website will save it. This allows the user to track their purchases and other ways in which their money is spent/gained. When they are nearing their monthly budget limit, the website will give them a notification or reminder. Our website is also beneficial because instead of spending time on calculating finances, young adults can allocate their time to other activities, such as school or jobs. At that period of their lives, young adults already experience a lot of stress from the workload, new adjustments to their routines, and other conflicts. Using our website to manage finances would eliminate a lot of that stress from their lives.

How we built it

We built our website prototype using the Squarespace platform.

What's next for The Big-Eyed Asians

In the future, we want to further improve our website by adding more accurate ways to track data. For example, we would like to find a way to make the logging more automatic, instead of manually inputting all of the information each time a transaction/deposit is made, as that could need to happen often.

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