We want to provide the most granular, actionable and deep data intelligence platform for Ethereum based companies. There are already lots of data tools in the space but most of them are only capable of providing top line or vanity metrics. Most of them don't have the ability to understand how data/value flows across different layers of protocols. We're going to change that!

What it does

We have set up 3 dashboards which give you a granular look of how different partner networks interact with Kyber. Some of the metrics we built are based on the feedback from the community while some were simply to show off our ability to dissect complicated cross protocol data.

How we built it

Before the hackathon:

  • we have already built data pipelines to repackage the Ethereum blockchain data into a traditional database in real time.
  • We have already built the chart visualization component on our platform by using google charts.

During the hackathon,

  • We found the abi files of all the smart contracts and decoded all the blockchain transaction data of Kyber, Synthetix, WBTC, Compound and Set.

  • We spend lots of time understanding the specifics of each protocol and write database queries to get the right data

Challenges we ran into

  1. The most challenging part is to understand what transactions, blockchain states or wallet balance we should use when calculating specific metrics. Although data is openly accessible, protocol specific knowledges are not and sometimes they only reside inside the brains of protocol developers. We have to ask them.

  2. In order to load some metrics promptly, we have to further repackage the blockchain data and optimize them through map reduce which requires more work and storage than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've unveiled lots of actionable data which is not easy to discover.

What we learned

Data is not useful unless combined with protocol specific knowledge.

What's next for Kyber Defi Hackathon Dashboard

What we've built can be replicated for any protocols which are interacting with Kyber. Also for Kyber network, this is a much granular way of understanding how each partner contributes to their network. We're going to release a self-service tool that enables non-coders to explore the data insights of any protocols on the blockchain in 6 months!

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