What it does

-Our project tells the story of the diversity of the Saudi culture & society through ai art.

How we built it

By making digital illustrations inspired from Saudi traditional architecture from different regions, then we made image processing so we can train paintings in the GAN model. Ten thousand epoch later, we got many results and we picked the one that we rethought truly reflects our concept.

Challenges we ran into

Limited time for art making and for model training

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Strong concept/story -Interesting ai visual that has the potential for further enhancement and development -Building good GAN model that gave us the expected results in a very limited time -Drawing the illustration in a limited time

What we learned

-We learned a lot of new things about coding & art -Woking for extended hours -Coming up with ideas under pressure

What's next for The Beauty of Belonging

-Experiment with animation through coding & programming -Increase our dataset and its quality -deploy advance GAN model

Built With

  • ipadpencile
  • ipadpro
  • macbook
  • procreate
  • python
  • tensorflow
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