The Bad Date Bail-Out Buzzer

Ever been sorely disappointed by a Tinder swipe, forced to eat a restaurant with no gluten-free food by an inconsiderate date that looks nothing like their online profile picture?

No worries, you can drop that date ASAP with the Bad Date Bail-Out Buzzer! Bring the keychain with you on a date and never have to worry about sitting through an hour of mediocre spaghetti and even more mediocre conversation. Once your date has mentioned their ex for the 5th time or whenever you decide that you no longer want to pretend like you don't see them chewing with their mouth open, just discreetly drop a secret predetermined key word in the conversation and your buzzer will register the signal to bail and call your phone!

The buzzer will use a microphone connected to an Arduino and voice recognition program to recognize your emergency escape word- for example, if your word is "orange," just casually compliment how good the non-existent orange chicken is at the Italian restaurant you're at! The Arduino board is connected to wifi and will then use FaceTime, Skype, iMessage, or some other form of wifi-enabled communication to set off the ringer on your phone. Make an extremely concerned expression when you check your phone screen while your ringer goes off obnoxiously, and tell your date just how sorry you are that you must leave immediately to tend to the emergency that your phone is informing you of- then make your escape!

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The Bad Date Bail-Out Buzzer was built using Arduino uno with a wifi shield. The device is equipped with three triggers: a photoresistor that will be triggered after hitting a given threshold of light, and accelerometer that will trigger after the device is moved rapidly (swinging or dropping), and an emergency button that can be pressed as a last-ditch effort. After either trigger occurs, the Bad Date Buzzer will send a pre-determined message via Twilio used through wifi to the users phone number.

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