What was the inspiration to create The Aural Card?

The Aural Card was born based on the idea that digital banks and internet financial experiences are cumbersome and confusing. How many times have you wandered over your bank’s app or website trying to get your account number or transfer money to a friend? The Aural Card came to life in order to change this reality - to change our reality and how we use financial services.

What does the Aural Card do?

It is as awesome as you think it is. With an Aural Card, you can perform any banking operation, including, but not limited to money transfers, profile information retrieval, and deposits through voice commands.

How was the Aural Card platform built?

The Aural Card’s back-end was developed by the Aural Card’s Voice guru, Nathan Wilk, who managed to build a flask server integrating the voice functionality with banking services available by NCR and Capital One. The Aural Card’s front-end was delicately taken care of by Mauricio, our team’s Front-end Master. Everything you see on the Aural Card’s platform was built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. A few small icons were provided by the Font Awesome’s CDN. Mauricio also designed the logos, animations, and general illustrations using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere.

Were there any challenges?

We absolutely came across some mind-blowing challenges. We were still researching ideas until Saturday morning and we came with Aural Card’s idea during lunch. Aural Card was also very challenging technology-wise. It required many hours of research in order to come with a viable and feasible solution for the team’s tight timeframe while also coming up with ideas to create a user interface that is easy and intuitive to use.

Accomplishments that the Aural Card team is very proud of.

The Aural Card team is very proud to create a solution to change the unwieldy online financial reality. We are also glad to be able to bring our idea itself to life - something that was unimaginable in our minds until this Saturday.

What did the Aural Card team learn?

The Aural Card team had never worked on such a big project before. We had to connect so many cables under the hood while making sure Aural Card works with our sharp and smart user interfaces. Therefore, the team accomplishments range from simple CSS animations to complex back-end API integrations.

What's next for The Aural Card company?

The Aural Card is looking forward to expanding its reach towards deeper, immersive, and instinctive experiences to change banking and financial realities across the globe. The Aural Card team is also looking forward to increasing the Aural Card’s integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri, where your banks and accounts could be accessible from any device just using your voice.

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