I decided to participate in the Hackathon after looking at the success of, the winner of the previous Codegeist Hackathon. I found the problem and decided to give it a shot. Let's see how it goes. Everything is in the Google Slides (Shared with Atlassian and Devpost)

What it does

The Assistant is a forge custom UI app that provides a set of powerful macro extensions for confluence pages to get things done.

The app has two macros at the moment-

  • The Hiring Assistant- Simplifying the referral recruitment process in an organization.

  • The Personal Assistant- Notice board for a confluence page to save and send personalized/private messages with links to teammates. It lets you preserve the entire context inside the confluence page.

We at The Assistant put Data Transparency and Security First.

The app is built with Forge Custom UI and uses React Material Design, Forge APIs, and Forge Storage to save, retrieve, and present data. We store all the data inside the Atlassian ecosystem(Atlassian storage space). No data comes out of the Atlassian. Yes, not even your email address. If your data is ever lost, contact Atlassian Support and not us.

How we built it

"The Assistant," is a Forge Custom UI app that uses the Macro module of Confluence. In addition, it uses the react material design, @forge/api, and @forge/bridge npm packages.

What's next for The Assistant

Version one of the assistant app is just a start to exploring more ways to make things inside confluence easier, more productive, and more efficient. I will extend more functionality by improving and adding more macros to help confluence users/teams get the best experience and value out of the platform.

I plan to publish the app as a paid app on the Atlassian Marketplace. It will take some time. (As I only work on weekends to update this app.) Till then, do not use the code or the idea for commercial purposes. The repository is available for judging purposes only.

As a solo developer of the Assistant, I am looking for external collaborators, including business development managers, VC, and developers. If you are the right fit, or you know someone who wants to help Assistant reach thousands of Atlassian confluence users, then let me know.

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