We all wanted computers on our faces.

What it does

There were two computer systems involved in this project. One--the Helios I, was a system using a pi zero that was created previously. It featured a software defined radio (SDR) and a thermal camera as two of its main features. Another, the Crown of Thorns, was created using a CHIP computer board and the hmd from a children' toy. Various peripherals were added to those computers, including a high-powered laser, a buzzer, and a serial voltmeter/ohmmeter that was created specifically for the project. We originally intended to be able to interface them wirelessly, but the radio modules we attempted to use proved troublesome and mildly enraging. We ended up physically plugging the modules into the USB ports of our wearables in order to interface with them.

How we built it

We put computers on our faces.

Challenges we ran into

Computers are sometimes uncomfortable when placed on one's face. Also bluetooth modules were created to torment the unwise.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We put computers on our faces. One of us put a loud buzzer on it and another added a laser.

What we learned

Computers are really good for putting on faces.

What's next for The Assimilation

We're going to put better computers on our faces.

Built With

  • batteries
  • bluetooth-modules
  • cameras
  • computers
  • keyboards
  • lasers
  • leds
  • power-supplies
  • safety
  • sonar-sensors
  • suffering
  • thermal-cameras
  • wearable-computers
  • wifi-modules
  • wires
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