Many people want to support local upcoming artists and have original artworks in their homes, but they cannot find the connection. At the same time, it is extremely hard for an upcoming artist to show and sell their art. The old-fashioned way: to be represented by a gallery is the most common, but galleries take high percentages of commission and only give a platform to a specific kind of art that they find interesting. The ARtWork is built to break these boundaries and systems within the art world, which is very important in our opinion. The ARtWork is a direct contact between buyer and artist, great for both worlds. Another inspiration is #supportyourlocal, very important in these times of crisis.

What it does

The ARtWork connects between buyers and artists. On the platform artists can upload original artworks they created and want to sell. The app is location based, so the buyer can easily look for an artwork in their region, as moving an artworks can be complicated and expensive, and through this platform buyers can support local artists. Within the app, buyers can browse for their preferences, whether it is a painting, sculpture or new media work, colorful, monochrome, pop-art or else. The artist are required to upload at least one picture of the artwork, tag it accordingly and pice the work. After connection through the app, they can be in direct contact through a chat function, and for example make an appointment in the studio of the artist to proceed the exchange. The ARtWork is perfect for young, upcoming artists, that want to promote their art, as well as buyers that look for original art away from the conventional ways.

How I built it

backend JAVA frontend Android

Challenges I ran into

Categorizing the artworks sufficiently so it will give good and accurate results for the buyers, based on their art preferences.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for The ARtWork

The next step is implementing AR, so that the buyers can check the artwork in their own living room or environment where they want to put or show the work.

Built With

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