At the present time, people with disabilities have to overcome many obstacles, including accessing and utilizing computers. We wanted to give people with disabilities the same options for creativity that everyone else has, and the outlet for creativity we choose was painting. We wanted to pick a new mode of control that a majority of people could use, regardless of their physical condition, and so we decided to create a painting application that can be controlled by a person's voice.

What it does

Our application listens to the user's voice and based off of the first baseline given, we mark the canvas using the pitch and volume as coordinates.

How we built it

We first divided up the application into small phases among the group members. We looked at example codes online. Extract the code that works and then we compiled everything on vue.js.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges that we ran into were mostly through Javascript and GCP. GCP has many dependencies that we need to install before we could actually use it in our project so we had a difficult time figuring that out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we are proud of is that we were able to find a way to connect our voice to the canvas and actually have it draw when it hears our voice.

What we learned

I am a first-time hacker and through this hackaton I learned about the pains of google cloud platform and how to use it in our project. There were a lot of dependencies that we had to install before we could use it in our code. We also learned about the voice transcription function in google chrome.

What's next for The Art of Sound

We will make it prettier by adding colors and adding different drawing tools like paintbrush, pencil, pen, eraser, marker, crayon etc.

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