Around 285 million visually impaired people in the world as per 11th OCT 2018 .A cost efficient wearable device to assist them through their daily routine, and make them able to conquer the daily challenges of the life .

What it does :

A wearable device that fits with the spectacles of the blind .It consist of four modules . Bluetooth navigation : helps the person to easily navigate to the destination by avoiding obstacles.Object detection , helps the person to get notified about the environment around him , and convert it to the signal that is received by the wearable , Text to speech , it helps to extract the text from the images and analysis the activities around the person and converts it into speech , Speech to text and Home-automation : the blind through speech can have a full command over house .

How we built it:

Main focus was the integration of hardware and software ,to provide the most optimal solution to the problem we were tackling , for this we came up with the hardware which would involve minimalist changes to the person daily activities while integrating APIs to automate and provide assistance

Challenges we ran into:

Make it cost effective and real time , and above all reliable and user friendly .

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Bluetooth navigation system proved out to be really reliable and accurate , along with the APIs used worked very well in making the device user friendly and interactive

What we learned:

We grew as a team, as well as in our respective domains pushing us to greater extents , making us learn a lot .

What's next for THE ARGOS:

Coming up with a product , and showing up in the market to help the society

Built With

  • arduino
  • google-cloud-vision
  • google-speech-to-text-api
  • google-tensorflow-api
  • google-text-to-speech-api
  • microsoft-azure-computer-vision-api
  • microsoft-azure-face-api
  • python
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