Inspiration... I am a nuclear engineer major andI wanted to broaden my herizon in coding (without prior knowledge of coding).

What it does... The Arduino 101 is connected by bluetooth to turn on a LED light on the Arduino 101 board.

How I built it... I used Visuino- Visual Arduino Programming to send a code to Arduino IDE to program the Arduino 101 Board LED light to turn on using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through bluetooth.

Challenges I ran into... Initially, I was making a simple bot that moved and flashed LED lights, however, the power switch was broken off and the bot was unable to turn on. Therefore, I had to completely change the focus of my project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of...I was able to successfully turn on the LED light on the Arduino 101 board.

What I learned... I learned how to use a soldering gun. I also learned some basic Arduino. I learned how to construct a basic bot.

What's next for The Arduino from the "Lit" Place... I want to be able to use the Arduino 101 board to control a robot to detect objects in its path.

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