- An enhanced student response system supporting formative and summative assessments with data capture and reporting capabilities. and the TAPit Free app have two main components:

Go Interactive: Use our cutting edge technology to engage and connect with students. Every teacher would benefit from timely information to gauge understanding, on-the-fly, in the classroom, and an opportunity to encourage more reluctant students to participate and show what they know. Formative assessment to drive instruction. 6 different response types and a fabulous draw feature. Project examples of good student work for classroom discussion. #in the know.

The Answer Sheets: Once teachers are confident that the students have mastered the skills being taught, give the students a test but have the TAPit Free app score and capture data from your existing paper tests. 8 different questions types, show student work, real time on-line reporting. #timesaver

TAPit Free app interfaces with the teacher website at

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