When the Germie Germlins invade Planet Earth, they attack people and make them sick. Nothing seems to stop them, so the mayor of Niceville announces a lockdown - no school, no work, no going outside! Zoe is upset because she doesn't want to spend the summer away from her friends... but then she accidentally activates a powerful forcefield that keeps the Germie Germlins away from her!

Will she keep the secret of the forcefield to herself? Will she help her town overcome the epidemic? Will the Germie Germlins give up completely? Get this book to discover what happened next!

Here's what makes this book special: ● A fun, highly relatable story ● Age-appropriate treatment of complex topics ● Cute illustrations that your children will LOVE ● A strong and smart girl as the main character (GIRL POWER!!) ● A simple and empowering message

Your children will learn an important lesson about health and hygiene, find a way to cope with coronavirus-related anxiety, and make sure their forcefields stay activated all the time!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Valene's latest work, ‘The Amazing Zoe Defeats The Germie Germlins,’ was inspired by our current pandemic. As a new first time mother to a darling baby girl, her thinking extended towards the health messages she would like to relay to her own daughter as she grows. Valene wants children to recognize they also have an important role in ‘flattening the curve.’ She expressed that when children are given an opportunity to contribute to a cause, great or small, we empower them into creating positive long-term personal and societal changes. Her book highlights how critical health and hygiene practices for children, however, the message is applicable to all ages. Valene’s message is simple, the earlier children are introduced to health and hygiene, the likelihood of good health habits to remain throughout adulthood.

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