Our journey during Hackpoly 2017 was one filled with many laughs and frustration. WE didn't even have a team before starting. We first start with a completely unrelated project about hiding messages in images (Stenography?). Eventually we decided to change projects and go with something VR related. Our options were limited due to being too late to rent out the Oculus Rifts so we had to work with the next best thing, Google Cardboard. Our second project involved importing CADs from Sketchup to Unity and looking around with a VR set so teh user can see what their design looks like before it's actually made. However, this evolved to become a game where the player has to navigate through a maze to the end. Our maze was still imported from Sketchup so the original project is still very much possible, we just added a game on top of it.

What it does

Our project is a Google Cardboard app that work with most modern Androids and a Google Cardboard headset. It involves running through a maze and finding its end. You win by clicking on the box at the end.

How I built it

We built our project using Unity and the Google SDK for Google Cardboard.

Challenges I ran into

We had many challenges for this project from lack of hardware and cables to having little to no knowledge of VR and Unity before starting. One of our biggest challenges was the fact that we had to use an unstable beta version of Unity that seemed to crash every other minute. Another big problem with our project is that it's huge (not all of it fit into the GIT repo so the version from the GIT repo may not work sorry ): ).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of how far we came with this project. Sine this was our first time attending a hackathon, none of us knew what to expect, but through this whole experience, we ended up learning how to use Unity, Visual Studio, Sketchup and how to program for Virtual Reality. The team meshed very well given the short amount of time we knew each other. The most surprising thing of all was that we got a Virtual Reality app working, especially given teh fact that we had no plans or knowledge going into it.

What I learned

What I Learned: This Hackathon was a real nice experience in that it taught the four of us the basics of working as a team. We were all mostly unfamiliar with using Unity and VR but were able to combine our wits and create one of the best VR games out to date. It was very cool diving into unfamiliar territory and bringing our vision to life.

What's next for The aMAZEing VR

We hope to expand the features of our program through things like more maps, enemies, and a score system and optimize it further so it has a higher frame rate on phones.

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