Our Inspiration was the Microsoft Kinect, we have implemented past motion detection software using said hardware. This time, we wanted to do something more basic but with better functionality and cheaper materials.

Our Hack detects movement and motion, and could be used as a mouse or a different kind of peripheral.

Using a half cube aluminum/cardboard which acts as the variable capacitor. This is what detects the motion, using said principle of Electrical Engineering.

Getting it to work and setting the Arduino at the correct Full Scale Voltage. Also, to not Short Circuit any terminals or wires. Those were only A FEW of the many problems we ran into.

That we have a finished product, and this _ brings us a certain sense of _ Satisfaction!

That PATIENCE is key because we had JUST enough time!!

Perhaps implement recognizable motions to be able to _ right-click_ or left-click, which would take the functionality to another level!!

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