Inhaling Inspiration, Exhaling project!

Making a project requires motivation and an abundance of teamwork and if you have such an interesting project, it's fun too! Honestly, this project had amazing new concepts and fun paint stuff to do. We loved it! And from where did we get the enthusiasm to make something like this? Well, to be honest, we were bored studying our regular college subjects and therefore were dying to try something new. We tried not to take too much stress and do it calmly, for which we apparently failed, haha, but It was like a fun-loving activity for us to do.

What it does

Appointed the real-time webcam data, this paint-like python application uses the OpenCV library to trail an object-of-interest (an orange pen in this case) and allows the user to draw by moving the pen, which makes it both fascinating and taxing to draw simple things while performing cool gestures.

How we built it

This application is written in Python 3 and it uses the very famous OpenCV library and NumPy Library. The IDE used is PyCharm. All of this was pre-installed on a Windows 10 laptop with 8 GB RAM along with a built-in camera.

Challenges we ran into

It was a bit challenging as the three of us were working on an Open CV application for the very first time. So it took a lot of time to understand the logic and sourcecode and then program on our own. Also, we searched so many new things and applied not even half of it, but that is what Hackathons are for right? Increasing your application knowledge. Therefore, finding libraries, coding to finishing the application by testing it on our individual laptops made us understand how challenging a simple paint application can be. Not kidding, we actually felt this!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In these difficult times of COVID, we had to remain on call for 3-4 hours so as to complete the project. It became tiresome at some point in time, but the encouraging part was none of us gave up and struggled till the end until the project was finished. I think it is a big achievement for us that we came out with such an effective application for the community!

What we learned

We learned technical concepts for our Doodling application like Open CV, Numpy, and many others which we studied but couldn't apply like tkinter, sockets, and shockingly, writing skills too! Learning new skills by participating in a Hackathon is all we wanted to experience. And we definitely gained good knowledge after doing this project! Finally, we did contribute something to the community! Feeling relieved!

What's next for The Air Doodle

We are planning on upgrading this application of ours by networking it to boards like jam board, whiteboard, etc., so we can finally create an application on which many people can play simultaneously!

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