Running agile software development projects can be challenging. It can be difficult to create the agile discipline and culture. Managing a healthy backlog requires regular grooming and estimation. It also requires engagement from your entire team. The idea behind the plugin is to create a suite of games that can facilitate healthy agile practices and engage every member of your team. Aim of the project:

Seamless integration with JIRA
Gamify the estimation process
Scrum Poker and many other games
Provide a great user experience

What it does

The Agile Games suite currently provides a scrum poker tool that updates estimation directly into your stories. Apart from that it also presents the users with a dashboard of overall backlog health. It encourages gamification by showing top 5 voters in the team and the most accurate estimator.

You can simply start playing the game because the plugin looks at your backlog and start pulling highest ranked unpointed stories.

How we built it

We built the plugin using the:

Atlassian Connect framework
Angularjs front end
Rest endpoints on expressjs
Nodejs and Nginx backend for realtime updates
Lots of hard work

Challenges we ran into

Apart from the usual development challenges one main thing that we ran into was non availability of certain REST api on Connect framework. You can run into "api not available" issue on any project and then you have to plan for a workaround. Providing a great seamless user experience was one of our top most concern. Things should just work. Unfortunately we had to take user through certain manual steps to make it possible. In order to start playing the end users need to do some manual configuration and we walk them through the configuration process.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

2 people + 2 Months + 5 Technologies = awesome plugin !!

What we learned

Atlassian Connect Framework, Socket IO, Nodejs and how to get into JIRA Marketplace !!!

What's next for The Agile Games

Add more games to the suite. Provide insight into how well your team is managing the project health. The games/metrics that we are planning on adding:

Groom King: Is grooming done regularly and who is doing it
Collaboration Rewards: Are people swarming and collaborating on stories
The Comment Commander: Who is commenting and leaving feedback
*and more... *

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