The to be organized failure to establish electricity to everyone by the man kind always finds me solution to all problems. I understand the blame game for this epic resource distribution & that leads for smaller problems a pretty easy one.

What it does

The setup is known "libraries". The way to operate it -With the role of a librarian viewpoint. Solution -1)A kindle kind with 2)solar powered 3)touch based sharing Why (pointwise)-1)One book resource to one at a time changes to one base to all resources. 2) Even the books unavailable infrastructure accounts in totality to an all considerable cases to no electricity available situations. Solar powered 3) Keeping library spirit is necessary in all techy. The devices are low storaged. Reducing upfront cost there. At libraries books given through touch share transfer. Libraries are must since for someone who cannot even read. So this is strategic ()The cost of shipping books enough for the devices.

How I built it

Its already there

Challenges I ran into

Solar powered cost effeciency.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making them figure their lives through reading ayan rand as one possible choice i see .

What I learned

How broken systems approaches are with having cause as just enough at first place. Ignoring that without effective sureshot processes, the effort though made would at large only satisfies for word say and is just tarnished.

What's next for The Africa Libra

How we are struck to yesteryears processes and bothered less of adopting already present technological advancements. Which during covid speedens it up to adopt. Think this to as same. Covid made africa literacy situation worst lets switch to this proposed model than paper based books. Let electricity problem be overcome by hopping a one stage ahead of not providing electricity as solution and taht to not needed solar powered solutions. Lets take the leap for africa.Lets create that kind of kindle for africa.

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