Dr. Citizano

is a platformer about Dr. Citizano, a mad scientist on a hunt to find some rare plutonium that he's been seeking. Along the journey, Dr. Citizano utilizes his scientific inventions to help him get his plutonium. And with more plutonium, Dr. Citizano can improve his tools and create new ones to help him on his expedition.

Dr. Citizano's Gear

To start off his journey, Dr. Citizano has decided to bring two of his favorite tools: his clone gun, his stasis tool, and his handy-dandy pocket gravity switcher! With the use of his clone gun and stasis tool, the doctor can get to hard reach places and find some plutonium

Dr. Citizano's Journey

While Dr. Citizano has already traveled far and wide, his journey is far from over. The farther he strays from home, the more dangerous things will get! Perilous monsters and dangerous dungeons await our mad scientist. And with more plutonium comes new and exciting gadgets and weaponry!

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