Our inspiration for the game was loosely based on the game Portal. We also tried to stick to the theme of “Corgis” by making the main character’s name “Corporal Corgi”.

What it does

The Adventures of Corporal Corgi is a simple platformer/puzzle game with loads of fun mechanics. In this game, you are the main character, “Corporal Corgi”, and you are the government's last hope. Your duty is to defeat Ron Swanson in a game of rock, paper, scissors in order to save the world from his terrible wrath.

How we built it

We collaborated on, coding in python. During our project, we imported many key features, such as pygame graphics and random variables. Using these imports, as well as emojis we collected from the internet, we made 12 different levels that range in difficulty, and that all use different game mechanics. Essentially, we created each level as a 9 by 20 table. Then, we created variables that could align with the different numbers on the table, and then when the character moved onto one of these squares, the program would react to it.

Here is a list of what each in-game emoji will do when it is interacted with:

  • ⬛ = Solid Wall
  • ⬜ = Area that the character can pass through/ area that objects can fall through
  • 🏁 = Finish line that takes you to the next level
  • 👽 = Evil Alien that will kill you if you touch it
  • ⚔️ = Used on the final level to start a dual of rock, paper, scissors between you and Ron Swanson
  • 🔵,🟠,🟢,🟣 = Portals that teleport you when stepped on
  • 🐱 = “Corporal Corgi”, the main character. (Couldn’t find a Corgi emoji)
  • 🟧, 🔥 = Lava that will kill you if you touch it
  • 🟫 = Moveable boxes that can be pushed side to side
  • 🏆 = Trophy on the final level that displays the victory Corgi
  • 📍 = Lever that activates the bomb
  • 💣 = Bomb that only destroys the black boxes
  • ⛓ = Chains that are climbable

Challenges we ran into

  • Having multiple moveable boxes in one level
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Making the portals
  • Making our level designs creative
  • Player movement
  • Integrating creative game mechanics to increase the user’s interest in the game and make the game more challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Fully working game
  • Fun mechanics
  • Comedic storyline
  • Working Boss Fight
  • Photoshopped “Victory Corgi Image”
  • Working user input for movement

What we learned

We learned how to define functions to shorten our code, therefore making it more efficient. Another thing we learned was how to code a grid system to print emojis to create graphics.

What's next for The Adventures of Corporal Corgi

Some next steps would be to add jumping to the game mechanics, and adding future levels. Also things like sounds and a UI. We could also try to add aliens that chase Corporal Corgi as the game progresses. We would also like to find a way to read keypresses without the user hitting ‘enter’ every time.

Instructions (Please read before playing):

  • Type W, A, S, D to move, and then hit enter to verify the movement. You can't jump in this game.
  • Your character is the Corgi icon on the screen.
  • The first few levels will teach you what different game mechanics do.
  • If you type R in the game at any time the level will reset if you are stuck.
  • When playing rock, paper, scissors, your input is case sensitive and must start with a capital letter (e.g. Rock, Paper, Scissors).

We hope you enjoy playing The Adventures of Corporal Corgi!

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