We are excited to find a fun way for anyone, especially young adults, to curb the anxiety of moving to a new town or community and expand their comfort zone! Unlike current social media apps that over-rely on "likes"and "impressions," we aim for The Adventure Scroll to standout by focusing on initiating wholesome, real experiences with friends and creating long-term galleries of memories that users can treasure.

What it does

Each week, the app provides mystery challenges for the user to unveil ("flip") and complete. Upon finishing a challenge, the user upload a photo of their accomplishment, which becomes part of a gallery of shared experiences on the app.

How we built it

We used React Native for the app's interface, with inspiration from Swift UI components.

Challenges we ran into

For app design, we were debating how to motivate users to complete mystery challenges that they "flip." We decided to incorporate a social feature so that users can show others' their success through a photo gallery. For technical development, we initially struggled to onboard to SwiftUi's developer toolkit and found that React better suited our needs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a fully-functional prototype of the app's core user experience without having past experience in mobile development.

What we learned

Since we initially came in with many ideas for app features, we learned to prioritize which ideas provide the most memorable and engaging experience for users. On the technical side, we learned the fundamentals of mobile app development, which we can apply for this and later projects.

What's next for The Adventure Scroll

Next, we will test out different iterations of our prototype app, striving to learn which features help most with getting users outside their comfort zone and building galleries of long-remembered experiences. Then, we will finish app development and deploy The Adventure Scroll, launching an app that builds genuine, wholesome experiences, rather than just clicks and likes!

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