Big Boy is the next big thing, the next Skyrim, the next Minecraft, the Next sliced bread. When you wake up tomorrow morning I guarantee you that you will be binging this game for the next 30 minutes. This game was inspired by the super mario brothers platformer games.

What it does

Your job is simple. KEEP. BIG BOY. ALIVE. Move big boy using the W and S keys in order to dodge on coming obstacles such as a Tesla or a Boring Company Drill! Not challenging enough? Well set the gamemode to either Medium or Hard for your enjoyment!

How we built it

Big Boy was created in processing, a java based game engine which required us to create multiple objects such as the player, obstacles, and more. Additionally, all image and audio assets were created by members on the team.

Challenges I ran into

Our team ran into many challenges ranging from background image errors, to making the player function correctly, to calculating collision properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our Team was able to create a masterpiece of a game that the next generation will benefit off of.

What's next for The Adventure of Big Boy

Our Team plans on improving Big Boy so that others may improve their score and take Big Boy to further and further parts of the map!

Built With

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