Our team brought together two convergent ideas that formed the backbone of our project, a desire to incentivise the adoption of low carbon living practices and a means of providing individuals influence on and engagement with global conservation projects.

What it does

Our project gives individuals practical, solution based tools to lead more sustainable lives while taking part in global conservation project by bringing together the transparency provided by smart contracts (Ethereum blockchain) and the accountability of the IOT.

Where carbon footprint calculators struggle to provide sufficiently detailed objectives to users, our proposed project pools data from an online Home Carbon Consumption Calculator to provide detailed energy consumption targets that a household can aim to achieve.

By utilizing this data in conjunction with a smart electricity meter such as Nero or Wise Link by Schneider electric, ongoing electricity usage can be measured for households and compared to their assigned targets, providing advise and recommendations along the way to reduce users electricity consumption and carbon footprint.

As homes reduce their carbon consumption and fall below their designated targets, voting tokens known as Panda Tokens are generated by a smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain developed in close cooperation with ConsenSys.

These Panda Tokens can subsequently be used to select which conservation project the individual or household wants an organization such as WWF to undertake, and can be provided value to by the sponsorship of businesses, individuals or governments.

How we built it:

With the participation of Schneider Electric and ConsenSys

Challenges we ran into:

Bringing together the various elements. I (Arran (The team Hustler)) have lost my voice.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Great cooperation and assistance from Schneider Electric and ConsenSys. Getting actual data for demostration Getting functional Padna token.

What's next for The Action Calculator

WWF:Contact target market, develop Household Carbon Consumption Calculator ConsenSys: Continue Panda Token development Schneider Electric: Expand data availability **NAB*Establish contact with Andrew to be put in contact with Spiro

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