Me and my teammates all have difficulty being able to reach available healthy food in grocery stores. We don't have reliable, personal transportation (like a car) and rely on other methods (like walking, biking, or taking the bus). While we are able to get by, there's other students in the Texas A&M family who aren't as able to. Because of this, "The 12th Can", Texas A&M's food pantry tries to help these students with free, healthy foods that can last them and nourish them. Unfortunately there's a major stigma against using food pantries. .

What it does

We changed the traditional system of a food pantry into a modern "order-delivery pick-up system". It makes the sign up and ordering processes more comforting and easy to fill at home. This helps eliminate social stigmas of "being seen using a food pantry", or "having people find out you rely on one".

How I built it

We thought that since people could feel uncomfortable admitting their financial situation to a food pantry can be saddening. So we thought about changing the system to a google form with your name and UIN so the 12th Can can auto check it with the Texas A&M records. Once potential clients are approved, they'll be able to come up to the food portal and choose which items that they would want to order. Once their order is complete, its taken and placed in would-be "lockers" for anonymous pick-up in central key campus locations. (Spots easy to get during a daily visit to campus)

Challenges I ran into

How we're gonna set up the application/order making process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team work

What I learned

How to improve a distribution system that can entice people by eliminating social stigmas.

What's next for The 12th Delivery Man

We could expand through help from local grocery stores to be able to introduce fresh produce to the order cycles.

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