We drove all the way here and then locked our keys (with our gear) inside the trunk of my sedan. The first locksmith failed to unlock the vehicle (but still tried to charge us) and the next one wanted $195 to unlock the car Saturday night.

Instead we decided to wonder around campus, dig into recycling bins, and hack together our own locksmith tools for free.

What it does

Unlocks the driver-side door of a modern sedan (and probably others).

Challenges I ran into

Car doors don't like to open without keys.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We spent $0 and a lot of time designing this thing. Zero damage to the car too!

What I learned

The best hacks are the ones you need.

What's next for The $0 Locksmith Hack

We're re-branding as MacgyverNC and hiring interns at our SF office.

Built With

  • plastic
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