ThatSo is a turn based game similar to Apples to Apples or Cards Against humanity. Every round there is a question and one player is the judge. The other players anonymously submit their answers and the judge picks the best answer and a new round starts with a new question and judge. The questions however are about specific friends that are playing the game ex: "What does John most have in common with Brittany Spears?" and then the other players get to write custom anonymous responses ex: "They both have shaved their heads in a moment of panic".

The idea came about from a text thread between my girlfriend and a bunch of her friends where they would pick a "category" ex: "Disney Princesses" and then respond with which one they thought fit each other the best. They would then exclaim "OMG that's SO her" to every response and thus ThatSo was born.

The app uses Parse as a backend to store all the data. It uses Sinch as a sort of notification client. Sinch messages are sent to users so they can see each others responses in real time and be notified when new rounds/games start.

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