We were inspired by the prevalence of social impact in our current society. We wanted to build a site that allows people to stay informed, get involved, and foster conversation with others.

What it does

That's The Tea is a platform built to encourage college students to learn and talk about important social issues. The site includes the latest news on issues such as The Black Lives Matter Campaign, Suicide Prevention, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, and Anti-Racism and Equality efforts today. Along with providing resources to increase awareness, get involved, or get help, That's The Tea provides a safe area for individuals to discuss and ask questions about what is going on in the world through a monitored forum space for each individual social issue.

That's The Tea also aims to help students get involved by listing the various social awareness organizations at different universities. A newsletter functionality is also included to allow students to subscribe to recieve updates and information.

How we built it

We started designing/prototyping individual pages over Zoom conferencing and outlining our objectives and goals. We then split up tasks and worked on individual html/css pages. We then transferred individual pages over to Figma, a wireframing tool, in order to prototype the functionality of certain pages, and understand connections between pages. We also made a database model to show which features of the website required data storage and manipulation. Finally, finished connecting front-end pages to each other and finalizing our demo.

Challenges we ran into

  • Minor syntax/formatting issues within html pages
  • How to implement News API properly
  • Time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Website design reflected our original ideas
  • Proud of graphics/images, especially our teacup logo!
  • Slogan
  • HTML functionality and CSS styling
  • Database model

What we learned

  • Collaboration and communication is key to developing a proper workflow
  • Learned more html/css skills
  • Educated ourselves on important social issues along the way

What's next for That's the Tea

  • Incorporate Database and Node JS into Discussion Form and Newsletter
  • Get News API
  • Implement Functionality for Organization Page
  • Social Media Links + more social issues
  • Launch on Heroku (Cloud Platform)
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