This was inspired from all the times we couldn't remember a restaurant, location, or place that we wanted to share with someone.

What it does

With a touch of a button, the current location of the user can be saved onto your phone using Pebble Time. A list of saved locations can be accessed via an Android Application and the Pebble Time can also facilitate navigation in the Android Application. In case you run into dangerous perils on your journey to that place, you can also send your current location to a loved one in case of an emergency.

How we built it

Android Studio + Cloud Pebble = that place

Challenges we ran into

Communication in a relationship is hard. So was communicating between the Pebble Time and Android Application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with the Pebble Time and Android Application to help them understand each other and communicate better.

What we learned

With perseverance and a touch of sleep, we too can learn how to communicate and work things out.

What's next for that place

Include more details about that place, user customization, and functionality.

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