Game Nani

A data-oriented dev tool for game developers, by game developers.

We wanted to change the way user testing is done for gaming, to remove the ambiguity. So we created Game Nani.

What do we keep track of?

Main Features:

Player Focus Tracking: Know every object the user looks at, with information on time periods, average and total rates, and event tracking.

Player Key Press Tracking: Key Press tracking on any key, touch, and auxiliary controller input, with frequency, and hold times.

How do you see the data?

View comprehensive graphs and data logs on every tagged GameObject and key press, for every single play session. View both individual and aggregate reports on the collected data.

How do I use it?

We created two apps to showcase the power of Game Nani.

1. MainGame

  • In ANY Unity game project, drag in the UnityPackage we created.
  • Drag the "CameraNani" prefab in Assets/Prefabs/, onto the main camera; configure any of the provided settings.
  • Set any objects you wish to track to the "Observable" layer, or press 'Q' to set session-local observable objects.
  • Play.

2. Analytics

  • AFTER at least one play session with the MainGame, start the Analytics app.
  • Navigate the app to discover comprehensive statistics on every play session.

What's next?

Features coming soon:

  • Muse support for stress/calm levels during play sessions.
  • A deeper and more simple event system.
  • Audio spectrum data for intense play sessions.
  • More in-depth for platforming-oriented games.
  • Plenty of export options, Excel, CSV, Google Drive, etc.

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