Goal: App to help anyone quickly find a great weekend getaway wherever they are.

Scope: Minimum project for a 24h coding hackaton (single person); focus on local tourism; 3rd theme (accommodation finder); use Sabre APIs.

Bigger picture: Figure out more precise and complete itineraries (include train, taxi, rent, drive) with full instant booking.


Necessity to quickly find a weekend's getaway. Last minute bookings and last minute local travel.

What it does

Finds destinations for a pleasant weekend trip given only a budget. As simple as it can.

How I built it

The APP was implemented in HTML/jQuery/PHP but with a responsive touch to feel like a mobile APP.

The team is a single developer, emphasis was on the back-end rather then user interface.

Basic workings:

  • User provides budget
  • Find airports close to user (20km)
  • Find airports close enought to flight to direct (3 hour flight, 1500km)
  • Lookup the cheapest flight to each airport
  • Outbound flights must be within Friday 6PM-10PM or Saturday 8AM-12AM
  • Inbound flights must be within Sunday 6PM-10PM
  • Lookup the most expensive hotel within the remaining budget
  • Return results featuring the destinations, and what to do there, ordered by play time
  • Uses Sabre's InstaFlight and HotelAvail APIs

Challenges I ran into

Main challenges in this prototype were integrating with Sabre SOAP API and optimizing the geolocation driven search.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A first complete version of the MVP was accomplished, though more time is need to test and make it basically functional.

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