The destiny travel assistant created for thack Hackathon, Bangalore

Problem Statement:

This app tries to resolve one of the problems I faced when I decided to travel to Singapore and Malaysia. When you decide to travel to a new country and book the tickets, finding the hotel rooms centrally located to the places of your interest and the travel options available in the city is not simple. 'Destiny' tried to address this problem. Destiny uses multiple api's from Amadeus and foursquare and gets the optimal hotel rooms and commuting options and presents it to the travelers who are looking for information. Destiny collects some information from the travelers about their travel plan and answers the following questions for them:-

  1. How accessible is the hotel from the places of interest?
  2. Nearest railway station
  3. Cab availablilty and price

The Destiny final version is intended to the following things (proposal, implementation not done):-

  1. Filter based on the number, budget and type of travlers
  2. Find the cheapest mode of transport, schedule and timings they are available
  3. Form a recommended iterinary for the travelers based on the purpose of their travel
  4. Recommendation system for the places of interest in the city they are visiting

Challenge: Wings, wheels and beyond Particpation: Individually under team name "Destiny" Prizes: Winner - Best Use Amadeus API (US$2000 as gift card) Shortlisted - Best by individual or team of 2 developers Event Url:

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