Make group decisions. Faster. Easier. Better. Agree is a web application where you can invite participants, take equal turns making suggestions via RTC, and vote on your favorites. A timer makes sure that the decision is being made and everybody has an equal opportunity to share their idea.


Let's say you want to go out with your friends for dinner, to karaoke, or to the movies. But the decision on where to go, what to do or buy, is taking forever (right?). Valueable time is being lost and the moods are sinking. Often one or two people are leading a discussion, and quiet group members may not get the chance to voice their opinion, or have it taken seriously. Sometimes it seems like there is only 1 person making a decision that should be up to everyone.

We have found a solution to these problems. Agree is our hack for this situation.

We use SkyWay WebRTC technology to connect with others. All of the members are invited and all have limited but equal amounts of time to present their ideas without being interrupted. This can be anywhere from 20 seconds onward. While they would make suggestions, the other members would have an option to vote anonymously or non-anonymously on someones proposal.

The web app could be also used for other purposes, like for example when brainstorming with a study group, as it is in our intention to extend the app for more varied purposes.

In cases where the app is used for voting, when all members have proposed and voted, AGREE will turn out the result. This allows people to honestly voice their option and opinion without being afraid of judgement from the others, and acknowledges all opinions equally. It takes the responsibility for the decision from a single person, and at the same time makes sure that a decision is made.

Core features:

1. Multiuser real time communication

2. Limited and equally distributed presentation time

3. Discussion rounds

What problem does your service solve?

Quick group decision making and brainstorming.

Future prospects for the product

Add whiteboard on which one can leave notes, message each other, doodle and insert multimedia. Support mobile devices.

What was the focus?

Using WebRTC for regulated discussion.

Adopted Technologies, APIs, Frameworks

  • Express (JS framework)
  • SkyWay WebRTC (Multiparty library, TURN server)
  • Heroku server
  • SSL certificate


  • General purpose computer
  • Allow to use your microphone and camera

Original Technologies


Original Technologies/Functions developed during the contest

We have implemented a videochat function with sound and video, improved the discussion flow by displaying a timer and managing speakers rounds. One of the key functionalities:

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