An innovative new party idea

A twist on the traditional event finding idea, TFTI is a simplistic platform that connects entrepreneurial party hosts with eager attendees. A quick and innovative partying planning tool, TFTI frees hosts from the typical burden of hosting a party: risking that nobody shows up. Our "Tipping-Point" feature ensures that a certain number of people attend the party or the event is canceled. The deceptively simple change guarantees profit for hosts and makes sure every party is a blast. Combined with a gorgeous interface and geo-location tracking, TFTI is the disruptive party platform of our generation.

The Idea

Hacking isn't just about pushing the limits of hardware - it's also about pushing the limits of the human mind to strive farther and reach harder. As a result, we decided to make TFTI after looking through problems that we'd been through in similar situations. By making this app, we've built something that we're sure that others, will definitely use as part of their lifestyle.


TFTI automatically gives you parties that are closest to you by using HTML5 Geolocation, combined with Parse's GEO software. In addition, TFTI also contains an automatic database to keep control of everything from users to parties.

And once again - thanks for the invite!

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