Validate and prove ownership of your documents on the Tezos blockchain.

  • Document validity is a huge issue in copyright and law.
  • With Tezosign, you can prove the legitamacy or previous ownership of documents for low cost by tying a particular document or IP to the Tezos blockchain.
  • Record your name, time, and any notes as part of the upload.
  • Come back and check the previous existence or tampering of documents by using the built-in document validation logic.
  • Validate that documents haven't been tampered with.


  • Use smartpy to generate the smart contract for managing historic upload state, and inserting/querying.
  • Use PyTezos to query the deployed contract
  • Created a serverless function to mediate the API calls from the front end to the smart contract and deliver back a result.


`tezosign-api`: Serverless api for receiving and hashing documents.
`tezosign-web`: Web interface for uploading and validating documents.
`contracts`: Tezosign smartpy Tezos smart contract.

Running backend locally

PyTezos is used to interact with the (or a) deployed testnet Tezos smart contract.

Preparing local pytezos backend:

brew tap cuber/homebrew-libsecp256k1
brew install libsodium libsecp256k1 gmp

From the tezosign-api folder, follow the instructions here to start the backend.

Use chalice local to start the backend functions locally.

Requires the tezos smartcontract already deployed and in the environment (original test pointed against Tezos carthagenet).

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