Textual Combat is an online text-based battle arena that uses Telnet and is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and implements DynamoDB, also provided by AWS. Textual Combat uses custom multithreading to ensure that two to many clients can connect at one time. This allows Textual Combat to be very scalable. Users can create accounts that are stored on DynamoDB along with the users stats. There are a few known bugs but with the limited time, we were unable to implement a fix for them all. Luckily, the bugs that we know of do not affect the game play very much (Some outputs are displayed early, backspace on Windows command prompt does not work and can cause problems with later output, other small bugs).

More detailed information about Textual Combat can be found at the website provided.

Drop down menu for Partner API Prizes to be considered for does not have AWS but the their API was used

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