Fan fiction communities have always been a place where people seem to express themselves with the highest possible freedom. It shows the true thoughts of a community, and of humanity in general, and thus the insights thus gained can be very useful.

How it works:

The work begins with coding/ tagging different types of comments (were of the order of thousands) based on its contents into 13 different types. ( Stories are categorized mainly as per their length and theme) This data is collected in an Excel format, which I then analyzed using Tableau to look for different types of trends.

Challenges I ran into:

It immensely helps if the stories that are being considered are from the same site as data formatting and making all of them is a big issue as it is not possible to look through all the stories manually at times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Created interesting visualizations which showed different types of trends in the comments, verified the distributed mentor-ship nature of such communities were found though interviews.

What I learned:

A big part of data visualization is data cleaning and formatting. Knowing that is more than 60 % of the work.

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