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Over 75% of the world has access to mobile phone coverage, but not all of them are in a position to take advantage of it. Smartphones, tablets, chromebooks, etc. are far too expensive for many of the world's poor. We looked at SMS as a means of sharing information. Prepaid phones/ "dumb phones" are still a luxury in developing countries, but they are infinitely more accessible than iPhones.

What it does

Accepts SMS queries and responds with appropriate information. Can pull up wikipedia pages, use the wolfram API to perform computation and analysis, define words, find synonymns, and provide step-by-step wikiHow instructions.

How I built it

Flask + Twilio API + python webscraping and REGEX magic

Challenges I ran into

Developing on a Chromebook is annoying.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Broke 2 linux distros in 1 day.

What I learned

Learn Javascript before Node.js

What's next for TextTeach

Improve webscraping/ better error detection/ more content Create interface that allows people to practice math problems over text. Add users so people can track their progress.

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