This Text Simplifier is a beta version of a larger idea. The idea is simple: to help improve the global literacy rates. But it is hard to implement. Half of children not attending school come from conflict-afflicted areas. So the problem becomes not to bring them to education, but bring the education to them. The obstacle is the lack of stability and access to resources. Textbooks and internet dependent programs can be pricey and impossible.

Our idea is a tool that simplifies text. The essential concept is that a child, teen, or adult can type in a subject, chose a level, and have access to an article on their level to read. Then once they understand, they can choose a harder level. The program could be universal and distributed on tablets to households.

Since MHacks V is just 36 hours, what we have created is a beta version that uses the internet. Our text simplifier is a Chrome extension that edits a page and makes it easier to read by grade level. There is currently only one setting, and since our team is very new to natural language processing, it's not an incredibly drastic change. But it works.

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