Express Scripts' mission is to make medicine safer, more affordable and more accessible across the nation. One major issue we saw and wanted to highlight was the accessibility of healthcare materials, emergency items, and medication in general. As such, we wanted to help provide a way to make accessing these items robust and easy to use in a simplified air delivery system. This lead us to textItIn!

What it does

textItIn is a delivery service that provides a user a simplified and straightforward way to access their own prescriptions and eventually emergency kits and other healthcare items that they would normally have to wait or travel to a store for. It represents a way for those who can't leave their homes or are in need to get the medication they need. This is the future of delivery and is a step forward in terms of saving terms but at the same time providing a secure way to access people's individual prescriptions.

How I built it

Building textItIn represented a unique challenge due to the communication of various API's running together. First off, it was necessary for us to story board and understand the unique requirements we needed from our system. As such we declared a strategy of how to build capability around the needs of the user while providing a way to execute the service in a fresh way.

First off, we used the Twilio API in order to send SMS messages between the user and our system and thus verify the user information across a database created in SQL. Using SQL we were able to create a dynamic database used for the entry of multiple customers, including their unique set of prescriptions as well their various locations.

Next, we used google maps and geocoder to locate the address of each location and translate them into latitudes and longitudes. These coordinates are then used to calculate the distant and time it would take a drone to deliver to the address from the closest CVS!

Challenges I ran into

One of the main challenges we faced was learning a language we hadn't all necessarily coded in before as well as understanding the integration and communication of various APIs into our program. We also faced the challenge of keeping our project scope to a deliverable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall, we are especially proud of the system that we created as well the learning we had accomplished as a group!

What's next for textItIn

The next steps would be take a flight controller and Quadcopter and then allow it to travel between coordinates on the map to simulate delivery. We could also develop a user-centric front end of our system to increase ease of use for the user.

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