We had wanted to develop an education-based application, to show our passion and drive for helping other students. We wanted to be able to hep students like us study, when not near a textbook or at home.

What it does

Texting Test Prep allows students to be able to study for their tests and exams from their phone nearly anywhere. It uses the Twilio API to receive texts from the student, and send various problems specified by the teacher back. We used the Clusterpoint Database to store the questions and answers for the problems. Finally, the data of the responses to the problems were analyzed, and then posted to a separate database. This data is then shown in a user-friendly matter on a webpage using the .Club Domain.

How I built it

We set up a Twilio application server that listens for incoming text messages. Then, we self-generated some problems, then put them into a CSV file to be imported onto the database. From there, we created a Java program that could communicate with the database and take its data (the questions/answers) down, and send it to the user's phone, using the Twilio API. From there, the user would have the option of answering the question. The user's answer then will be graded. His/her responses would then by stored on another separate database and then analyzed for posting on the .Club domain, so that a teacher could easily see the progress and success of his/her students

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges that we ran into were: the Java program not connecting to the server correctly, not being able to manage Twilio message list, the internet disconnecting multiple times during our test runs, and finding a way to send the data from the database to the Java Program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy that we are able to talk from mobile to server to computer, and being able to successfully set up the database.

What I learned

We learned the Rest APIs, Twilio API, how to import a file onto a database, how to manage a NoSql database, and we learned how to create JSON objects.

What's next for Texting Test Prep

We are planning to hopefully share this application with our school, and then eventually other school around the district to use this application to help students study.

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