Over the past decade, people and cities have become very reliant on the ability to connect to the internet at all times. In fact, many feel unsafe and insecure when they do not have immediate access to resources (navigation, translation, etc). So our team created a text messaging service that provides fast information without needing an internet connection.

What it does

Our service provides quick internet searches and translations through text messages without the need for wifi or data.

How we built it

We built it using mixture of JavaScript, node.js, Twilio API, and the Google Custom Search API

Challenges we ran into

Our unfamiliarity with JavaScript and the APIs posed a challenge at the beginning but turned out to be a great learning opportunity for all of us for learning backend architecture.

What we learned

We gained a lot of experience with JavaScript and node.js, learning about backend server architecture while learning how to use and integrate different APIs together to make a very practical application

What's next for Textify: Internet Queries Without Internet

We hope to include a public transportation notification system as a part of our service in addition to a service providing directions according to Google Maps

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