While I was thinking about creating a program which is not android based or ios based, but it is an actual program, I came up with an idea of teaching other people how to code through very basic MIPS like language. So me and my team created Text Game Maker.

What it does

Text Game Maker essentially takes in a certain syntax and commands as an input which is saved in text file. After saving it they are able to pull it in to our program run it and test it and see live how it calculates the operations.

How I built it

Building it was logically easy. We created a library class of commands, an index class where it would run our code, and a class for inputting the files. Al these are put up together so that the program would run smoothly. We thought we would need much more than what was initially planned. However, we simplified our design to the point that a Java programmer would easily understand the concept of the program.

Challenges I ran into

I certainly had to deal with my team mates over certain problems. We ran into logical errors in programing, parsing text files, and extending the user-friendliness of the program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I could design a mock language where we could use to teach very complicated programming to people who are relatively new to the concept.

What's next for Text Game Maker

I am planning to implement the GUI as soon as possible for this game.

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