As college students, we understand how hard it is for us to get our books for a good price. Every semester students from every college have to spend hundreds of dollars only on books. Sometimes students buy the books and when they try to sell it they don’t get the amount they paid for.

What it does

This application allows the students to trade their books with other students from the same college. Imagine getting rid of the book you don’t longer need and getting the one you are going to use all at the same time and most important at no cost to you. The app asks you for the books you have and the ones you need, then it finds someone else who has the book you need and wants the one you have. Here’s where you get in touch and exchange or trade your books. Easy right? Now let’s think outside the box. Imagine this trade with more than two people. Let's say person C has the book person A wants, person B has the book that person C wants, and person A has the book that person B wants. This app is going to make this multi-trading between persons A, B, and C.

In addition, this application will verify whether the user is a student or not by scanning their ids. So, if a user registers and provides a non-student id, they will not be able to use the application. This is done thanks to the IBM image classifier.

How we built it?

To build this hybrid app we used Firebase SDK, IBM Image classifier, Angular 4, Node JS, and Ionic Framework.

Built With

  • angular-4
  • firebase-sdk
  • ibm-image-classifier
  • ionic-framework
  • node.js
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