When the three of us entered the hackathon, we had a very simple concept of only one programming language each. Aidan knew a bit Python, whereas Alexander and I knew some Java. Quickly understanding the similarities between the two languages, and our similar knowledge of the subject, we decided to work together to create a small project that was simple but entertaining to play. This is where the idea of a text adventure came from, where a story was told and options were given to the player to decide the fate of the protagonist as he/she faced obstacles and problems. The original game was going to be simple and long, with a huge web of possible endings along with a surplus of ways to lose. However, as we did more, we came up with other ideas to make the game more interesting, adding mechanics such as hidden messages and smaller objectives to reach the main goal. This came with its challenges, for the ideas required us to learn further beyond the knowledge of Python, and find better methods of organizing the large blocks of code. It was a great experience; as we worked together indefatigably to solve bugs, find answers to problems, and learn new commands and ideas in order to satisfy the creative needs we created. We're proud of the work we've done, and that we applied all of the mechanics we came up with, only hoping to expand on the story and add more content. While the story is far from over, we hope that it's as fun to play as it was for us to code, some of us for the first time in a while.

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