TextAcademy is an interactive SMS-based learning platform for students in the developing world.

Millions of students across the developing world don't have access to textbooks or learning materials. Furthermore, technology is extremely underutilized as a learning tool even though over 89.4% of the people in the developing world own a mobile phone.

In order to help provide quality learning materials to students and take advantage of the amazing growth in mobile technology, we created an SMS-based platform to help students learn. We specifically targeted SMS because the vast majority of phones in the developing world are basic feature phones. Through the Twilio API, we built out a series of lessons that provide instruction as well as exercizes to teach new content.

In addition to the SMS platform, we created an open web application that allows anyone to register for an account and contribute exercizes to help grow the content libraries. Through this open-source model, we hope to allow people from all over the world to collaborate in creating quality content.

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