A lot of doors in colleges and in houses require a key to get in or a keypad to be installed, which can either be a troublesome task for activities like running clubs or an expensive option. So we wanted to create a lock system that is easy to use, does not require a lot of money shelled out, and is quickly able to be installed. The lock system would require a message to be texted and sent to a server using Twilio's APIs to unlock the lock system based on a group of stored phone numbers on the server. The system consists of a server, a Raspberry Pi, a chipKit Uno32, and breadboards. The server is maintained by an administrator and has AWS IoT encryption for security between the server and the Raspberry Pi. The system also has a camera that can take pictures of people that have entered through a door. Potentially, a record of the number of people that have entered a door could also be kept online on the server, and multiple doors could be handled by a server with different required messages as well.

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