I initially created an API that can send as many messages from any number without restriction on my Apache web server. I wanted to build something malicious and reverse engineer it for an actual ethical purpose. I wanted to pivot it towards general use for individuals with permission and for companies to send mass sms messages to their clients (with their permission of course!) and so I went forward with my idea and constructed a web panel that stores encrypted passwords through mySQL with unique tokens for each user to use the API so I have control on just what they can do. (To keep it ethical of course!)

What it does

Send messages to desired number(s) up to 4 times. You can send alerts to clients with their permission as a company.

How I built it

I first built the api in php and hosted it onto my existing web server. From there I built a form and from there I made a login system to access that form. I also assigned a unique id (token) to each register in hopes to tie that to the api in the future for more control over what can be done.

Challenges I ran into

Make the api compatible with a form, had to change the php aspect. Making a login system work through MySQL and adding token system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to do all of this in one session.

What I learned

I strengthened my web developing skill and I found a new drive for learning and wanting to create more this hackathon I had alot of fun and thanks to the nice environment I felt very welcomed. I asked questions, took them in critically, and then I applied them to my project.

What's next for Texta


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